Lazy Dog Crazy Dog

Where balance is encouraged in dog’s lives.


We have 5000 sq. ft. of indoor play space  full of natural light and an outdoor area, too!


Dogs are one of the most important entities that make up Portland, Oregon. Lazy Dog Crazy Dog promises to cherish, respect and show appreciation whenever your furry family member is in our care.
We provide supervised playcare  in a clean facility that is chock full of knowledgable and loving staff. Our focus is on creating a safe, fun and structured environment in which your canine kid will engage, play and cohabit with other well behaved kids. Whether your pet visits for several days of boarding or just one day of daycare, we at LDCD will attempt to proactively guide them to sieze the moment! By "encouraging balance in dogs lives", we aim to make lazy dogs a little less lazy and crazy dogs a little less crazy as it pertains to their respective extremeties. 
While they're staying with us, they can take advantage of our basic grooming services that include baths, nail trims and teeth brushing. Your furry kid deserves the best, unbiased care! 


We're nestled in the thriving Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon


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